Quiksilver Pro France 2017

15 October 2017

The Quiksilver Pro France is the only stage of the World Surfing Championships held by the World Surf League. This is the best way for the fans and for Antoine & Guillaume to find all the best surfers of the world surfing on our beaches.

Then, there is two sides of surfing photography: freesurfing where the surfers pick their spot and where photographers can shoot whatever they want, the way theywant to; and the contest side where many acces, including in the water, are reserved for official photographers. There is no way for them to enter those areas.

Before the start of the contest, they have enjoyed one afternoon with perfect conditions at La Gravière in Hossegor, to shoot with some of the best surfers in the world : the Hawaiian John John Florence, Brazilian Adriano De Souza or the French Johanne Defay.


With waves around 4 to 6 foot, the best tool for them was their AquaTech waterhousing and a pair of fins. Antoine with a 24-105 mm f/4, Guillaume with a 70-200 mm f/2.8 to shoot things differently. There is nothing better than swimming and shooting those surfers in  training mode from that close? Their office would have seemed perfect if they wouldn’t have to fight against the current for 3 hours that tried to bring them far from the best shooting zone. A hard mix between the fear of loosing a good picture due to a bad placement, but also an happy one, when they are at the right place at the right time to have a good shot!

Despite those conditions, they would go in satisfied, without knowing than a few weeks later, Antoine while score two double spreads and Guillaume the cover of the only surf french magazine, Surf Session.


During the contest, their agenda allowed them to be present during the final day. Instead of just watching the show of Quiksilver Pro France behind their computer screen, they filled their bagpacks and drove 30 min north, on the contest site. In their bags, the classic zooms and their inseparable: 24-105 mm f/4, 24-70 mm f/4, 70-200 mm f/2.8. No need to get closer, they are lloking for composition and new ideas. A day without pressure, to shoot images without any professionnal side, enjoying the incredible show that the best surfers of the world provided at only a couple meters from them. This is the best way for them to remember that behind this job, lies in a passion before anything else. Despite all the professionnal obligations, it is always great to be with the camera in their hands, not to forget the passion that allowed them to do this job.


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